I’d like to consider myself a Domestic Goddess, a Writer Extraordinaire, and the Best Friend everyone calls when they want to laugh or cry. Being that awesome isn’t easy, but it’s worth the effort. Only time will tell if I live up to these grandiose declarations. Honestly, at the end of it all, I could be remembered for so many other things. Like always laughing, my full wine glass, my obsession with false lashes, leopard print and Starbucks, my undying love for Christina Aguilera, or even my mostly unhealthy need to buy more notebooks than I can actually ever use in a lifetime. Who knows. But while I’m here, and you’re around, let’s pretend I’m everything that I claim to be. Let’s believe in ourselves to the point we are comfortable enough to be ourselves. The person we want to be. 


The Life of a Successful Housewife.

I’m a Stay at Home CEO. When I left the workforce to raise my kids I didn’t know what I was signing up for and I am learning new things every day. Some days I have it all together, other times, I’m just trying to keep it all from falling apart.  Follow my lifestyle, simple home solutions and handy tips mixed with a little flair. Even practical can be full of style.


mastering the conversation within.

My life is lived with one expectation, happy growth. Listen to my internal conversation and blossom with me. Here, emotions are encouraged, and feelings come first. With no judgment and no reservations, let’s share and support one another just because we can. Feel free means just that.


The Excitement of a Word Artist.

My debut book The Toxics is a non-fiction book focusing on developing healthy relationships between women. I am also currently working on my first fiction novel. Stay tuned for exclusive interviews, important dates and more upcoming projects.