How to Win Valentine's Day


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Not debatable. Valentine’s Day is literally the only day of the year dedicated to unfiltered, unrestricted, and uncontained affection. How can the possibly be a bad thing? Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve had your Valentine’s gift planned since mid-December. You already had the Amazon packages primed to your friend’s house and all you’re doing is waiting to buy the last-minute accessories that will complete your presentation. Seeing as this is a smaller percent of the population, most of ya’ll are still scrambling like it isn’t three weeks away. Have no fear the Love Doctor is Here! Let me help you slay Valentine’s Day.

There’s a system of gift giving I discovered in 2003. Yes, I have been using this fail proof system for 15 years. Although I very much enjoy being the undisputed reigning Queen of Valentine’s, I’m going to let you in on my secret. Knocking Valentine’s Day out of the park is actually a lot easier than you think. It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1.       Traditional - think food, desserts, flowers, jewelry, and sex (yes sex)

2.       Functional - think stay/vacations, subscriptions, performances, events, and experiences

3.       Special - think sweet words, playlists, quality time, personalized items, and diy projects

Don’t get overwhelmed with the thought of having to do more work. Whether you have a $50 budget or an unlimited budget there is one or more gifts that can be purchased that will satisfy these requirements. For the beginners, if you have a boo that likes watches get it engraved with something special like a date, a nickname or a phrase. Not only is it traditional (jewelry), functional (tells time), but now it’s special because it’s customized. Simple, effective and full of love. Now if you are ready to really kick it up a notch, start thinking theme. When I tell you, there is no better way to wow than with a comprehensive theme, believe me. Have a significant other that you don’t live with? Gift them an overnight box so they don’t have to keep carrying all their items in their trunk. Along with the overnight clothes (traditional), toiletries (functional) and decorating the box with a poem or pictures of you together (special) the entire gift useful and unique.

There is a lot of crossover between what is considered traditional, functional and special. Most people would consider flowers to be the cliché and traditional gift. But what if they aren’t roses, or red, or in season? If you are getting White Water Lilies from Bangladesh, not only is that traditional, it is super special. What about flowers made from an alternative material? Paper flowers and fabric flowers aren’t difficult to make, but they do require time and run the risk of hot glue burn. Throw some of their favorite candy on a stick and bam, you have a super impressive Skittles bouquet that is inexpensive, thoughtful and technically very traditional.

Don’t limit yourself to romantic partners. Win Valentine’s on every level. Like I said, I have been using this system for 15 years. I wasn’t giving all these gifts to my man, mostly because I didn’t have one, but that isn’t the point. One of my most memorable Valentine’s was spent gifting and loving my girlfriends. Whether they are in relationships or not does not matter, because the whole point is to remind them you love them. Valentine’s day is a great reason for sending a card or having a happy hour. I’m sure your Mom would love a sweet reminder of your affection in the form of a Target card, your nieces and nephews would enjoy a little extra candy during their extended Halloween break, and your Uncle could use a Valentine’s six pack of his favorite beer. Even your coworkers could use a reason to celebrate. I know the social climate right now doesn’t really lend to encouraging romantic gestures within the workplace, so keep it simple and uniform. Spread the love in the most consensual and HR friendly way possible. We don’t have another holiday coming up for a while, see if you can organize a Valentine’s Day potluck, a dessert party, bring in donuts or coffee, go somewhere a little fancy for your lunch with your lunch crew and exchange white elephant gifts. Or just get a bag of candy and leave it at your desk for your coworkers to come by and get a pick me up throughout the day. It is that easy.

So let’s get excited for Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Palentine’s, Familentine’s and Workentine’s Day! Okay the last two were a stretch, but you get the point. Valentine’s is a great day to just love and be loved attached or not. Whether your Sweet Thang is into bling, a bookie, techie, foodie or just all around mushy there are tons of gifts that fall under every category as long as you cater it to their desires. Let my husband get me a stuffed animal, a box of See’s candy and tell me he has meal prepped for the week… LAWD! I would lose it. I would legit marry him all over again. The trick is to let go of what you think the gift is supposed to look like and get the gift they’d really love. If it is traditional, functional and special, I promise they will love it.

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