Toxicology - Out Now


What is toxicology?

So, we are all a little toxic, now what?

Toxicology is part self-help, part communal memoir dedicated to improving friendships between women, focusing on recognizing and controlling the toxic behavior that prevents us from being good to one another. S. Latria critiques with care and encourages with compassion while guiding women of all walks of life through the journey of loving themselves beyond their imperfection. Both entertaining and engaging, Toxicology brings to light the process of understanding our toxic behaviors by taking it beyond being a buzzword, to a beginning point to progress to a better you, better friendships, and better life.

Using some tough love and laughter, this book makes us all not just question just how good we are being to one another, but answers how we can improve the relationship we have with ourselves and each other.


The Enabler

Toxic Tip: Be aware of not just what you allow, but what you encourage.

Her Toxic Scale: Sure, I’ll help you keep an eye on him online. - Sure, I’ll help you hide the body.

This is the most dangerous of all toxic behaviors for a few reasons.

  1. It is the most prevalent toxic behavior.

  2. It is the toxic behavior least likely to be considered toxic.

  3. Without this toxic trait all other toxic behavior would not exist.

We are ALL enablers. No matter how much you “keep it real,” you, me, we ALL enable the toxicity within our friendships. It is easy to identify the issues within the friendship when it comes to telling what the other person has done or is doing. But asking “if what she was doing was not okay, why did you accept her behavior?” is usually followed by a nine-month pregnant pause instead of a definitive answer. Your friendships work both ways. You cannot be in a toxic relationship of any kind unless you allow it. This is the primary way of enabling. So, you are responsible for continuously, consciously, and deliberately harming yourself.