We all have goals and projects we plan on completing each day, week, month and year. Maybe in the new year you’re determined to change a little or maybe you know you need to change a lot. In either case, nothing is going to happen without a plan of action. In hopes of inspiring someone else to not just dream, but to follow through, I am giving away one of the most instrumental aids in making that happen. A planner! But not just any planner, literally the last planner you will ever want to use in your life. The Passion Planner! It allows you to prepare both short term and long term. There is weekly self-check-ins and monthly reviews. No goal personal or professional is too small to organize and execute with this planner. It demands that you not only be accountable but encourages you to enjoy the process all year long. It is like a vision board and planner all in one. So even if you are convinced the only calendar you will ever need is in your phone, you too can benefit from the duality of a passion planner.

And I am giving it away for free! In fact, I love ya’ll and this planner so much I am even going to pay for shipping!!! This version of the planner is currently sold out online so don’t miss your chance to get a copy of the next thing to make your life a lot better. This Compact Dated 2018 Planner Giveaway is valued at over $30.00.


Just leave a comment on my Facebook post, Instagram post or here on the website about ANY passion you want to plan out and be entered for the drawing on Friday, February 23rd. You have until Thursday, February 22nd at 8:00pm (because that’s when I am going to sleep) to enter. Want to improve your chances?! Share the post and be entered for an additional 3 entries! I’m going to pick a name at random and that person will be contacted for shipping information. Good Luck and Happy Planning!

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